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Half way through 2023, we realized that though we had managed to keep Radio 254 Alive and moved to a new space, we were still not sustainable. Sustainability has been the biggest challenge to Radio 254 because, how do we keep this thing alive and pay people when we don’t make any money from this. We have tried to offer studio services, podcasting recording services and advertising and none seems to be the right product market fit for Radio 254. Before we opened the new studio, we spent time trying to come up with plans of how to generate sustainable income for Radio 254. As we reopened we found that we were headed back into the same situation financially as well as cycle that we had been in before which is the founder of Radio 254 single handedly trying to make ends meet for the station. Events proved to be a challenge as with each event we had we continued to make loses. We know we need to rebrand, we know we need to make money and people and we know all the great work that people are doing out there.

Sometime in 2023, we came across a video of an online radio station operating out of a shipping container in New York. The idea and concept made so much sense, it inspired the future of where Radio 254 is headed. In April of 2021, we opened our first studio space where we began and laid the foundation for Radio 254. Though the space was conveniently located we had to move from this location. The move to the new location came with a lot of excitement because we felt that as an organization we finally had a space of our own. Having a space motivated us to work hard to figure out how we would be able to pay the rent for the space. As time went by however, we realized that just as we had in the previous space we would also struggle in this new space. And that is when the plan to build a permanent space for Radio 254 was hatched.

We knew that moving again would confuse the public once again as it would appear that we are the radio station that keeps moving. But at the same time, what the public thought did not matter because as an organization we were under a lot of pressure to keep this thing going while making no money from it. So we committed to a plan of using a piece of land available to us as well as some shipping containers owned by the founder of Radio 254 to turn the space and shipping containers into a radio station like we had seen online.

That journey began in April 2023 and will be finally be completed in April of 2024. We as Radio 254 are excited to begin sharing with you the home that we have built for Kenyan creatives. What began as the simple quest for a permanent office for Radio 254 has turned into a one-year journey of rebuilding. What we thought Radio 254 was in 2020 when founding it is not what Radio 254 is today. In the coming months we will be rolling out a new platform that will see Radio 254 rebrand from building an online platform and radio station to Kenya’s leading online media organizations.

After four years of operation, we have been able to understand who our target audience is. A Radio 254 our audience is upcoming Kenyan creatives. Having understood this, we have developed a raft of measures and programs that seek to benefit upcoming Kenyan creatives. Kenyan creatives invest a lot of money creating and producing content. We as Radio 254 want to help market, catalog and showcase the millions of amazing Kenyan creatives both in and outside of Kenya.

We thank everyone that has been a part of our journey in any way and look forward to continuing to promote Kenyan music and content to the world as The Home of Kenyan Music & Content. We cannot wait for you to see the arts and cultural center that we have built. Radio 254 The Home of Kenyan Music & Content builds a Home for Kenyan Creatives. Stay tuned

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