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The Evolution of Radio : A Look at Radio in 2023

Radio is constantly evolving and finding ways to remain relevant over the many decades that it has existed in our society. It is, in fact, still one of the relevant form of media compared to newspapers or television. We are far from days when ten or more relatives and neighbors would gather around one radio to garner information from news and listen to the latest hits. The Kenyan radio sector […]

todayAugust 15, 2023 36



Imagine a world where music is a language and we all live in harmony celebrating and dancing, no matter the genre. Embracing the rhythm and moving in collaboration with it. In that world, how happy it would be. People filled with delight in their eyes, laughter and a heart full of soul food. On the first day of July, Radio 254 & 254 Beer District are collaborating to create one […]

todayJune 21, 2023 80 1

Swahili articles


Siku zote ati palipo na wazee hapaharibiki jambo, wahenguzi hawakuambulia patupu. RAIS William Ruto hajakuwa mwepesi kumruhusu Naibu wake Rigathi Gachagua kuongoza uzinduzi wa miradi mikubwa ya miundomsingi tangu alipoingia mamlakani Septemba 13, 2022 hali ambayo imeibua maswali mengi sana miongoni mwa wakenya. Sababu ni kwamba hali hii ni tofauti kabisa muhula wa kwanza wa utawala wa Rais mstaafu Uhuru Kenyatta. Nyakati hizo, Dkt Ruto akiwa Naibu Rais, sawa na […]

todayJune 20, 2023 52



WAMILIKI wa biashara ndogo kama vile mama mboga na wahudumu wa bodaboda ni miongoni mwa Wakenya watakaofinywa na makali ya ushuru uliopendekezwa na bajeti ya kwanza ya Rais William Ruto. Iwapo Mswada wa Fedha wa 2023 utapitishwa na Bunge, wamiliki wa biashara ndogo ambao wamekuwa wakiuza bidhaa za angalau Sh1,400 kwa siku watalazimika kulipa asilimia tatu ya mauzo hayo. Ikiwa mfanyabiashara anatoa huduma au bidhaa za Sh1,400 kila siku inamaanisha […]

todayJune 3, 2023 50 1

Swahili articles

WOSIA KWA WANANDOA by Ferdinand Majimbo

NDOA ni kuvumiliana na bila uvumilivu ndoa haiwezi kufaulu. Kuvumilia kunamaanisha kukubali hali mbaya na ngumu ambazo hazifurahishi mtu. Hasa, hali hizi huwa ni ngumu na nzito sana zinazoumiza mtu. Ni hali ambazo mtu huwa hakuwa amezoea kabla ya kuingia katika ndoa au kutarajia kupata katika ndoa. Baadhi ya shida huwa zinasababishwa na mchumba wake au kuzuka kutokana na hali ambazo haziepukikikamwe. Mtu pia anaweza kusababisha hali ngumu katika ndoa […]

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Eric Omondi asks for Play 75% Kenyan music

The Kenyan music industry has for ages been exclusive, with less than 20% of original Kenyan music being played across the various media platforms, stiff competition from countries like South Africa, Tanzania and Nigeria whose music industries are thriving has made it that much more difficult to traverse the space. On top of that, the conditions afforded to players in the industry are laughable. For years artists have had to […]

todayNovember 18, 2022 157 3

event review

A review of 254 Podcast Day by Nicole Onyach

Read a review of Radio 254's : 254 Podcast Day that happened on 30th September 2022 at Unseen Nairobi. The review is written by Nicole Onyach for Radio 254. A podcast: A personal on demand broadcast that is either in audio or visual form or both… The Radio 254 International Podcast Day held on 30th September 2022 at Unseen Nairobi Wood Avenue, was nothing short of spectacular. Podcasts still being […]

todayOctober 5, 2022 171 10


Was SportPesa The Problem Or The Victim? by Sumaya Hussein

Sportpesa remains to be the most popular gaming brand in Kenya with a customer base of about 12 million gamblers. Since its inception in 2014, customers have placed bets of almost Ksh450 billion through Sportpesa. Pevans East Africa Limited, commonly known as ‘Sportpesa’, quickly became Africa’s top sports betting site and sponsors of the Kenya Premier League. A few years after seamless operations and immense success, the SportPesa name started […]

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Ugandan Festival ‘Nyege Nyege’ Back On

The Ugandan Government has announced that the famous Nyege Nyege festival will go on as planned but under strict guidelines. This comes a day after it was canceled on the grounds of morality. Ugandan Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja uncancelled it yesterday after a meeting with various leaders and stakeholders. “The event will go on but under strict guidelines. It attracts thousands of foreign tourists; we can’t miss out on this […]

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What Next After 2022 Elections by James Mordecai

The long awaited day finally came and went. And as it is with humanity, we await the very next “long awaited day”, in this case, the inauguration day. What should I say? It is within our human nature. We are drawn to await...anticipate. Some may choose to say that, that is one of the things that contribute to a human life worth living. August 9th came and went, and now […]

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