Eric Omondi asks for Play 75% Kenyan music

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The Kenyan music industry has for ages been exclusive, with less than 20% of original Kenyan music being played across the various media platforms, stiff competition from countries like South Africa, Tanzania and Nigeria whose music industries are thriving has made it that much more difficult to traverse the space.

On top of that, the conditions afforded to players in the industry are laughable. For years artists have had to grapple for limited opportunities of exposure and airplay,, and the expensivity of music production…This has affected the quality of output and the zeal of musicians to perform.

The music industry has moved from benga, boomba, kapuka, genge to Kenyan hip-hop, gengetone, contemporary, indie, to RnB and currently the artists already embracing the famous amapiano theme from the South.

The argument in Kenya comes in where most netizens feel like Kenyan artists lack content, they lack consistency, clout chasing from artists which has become too much such that one can’t know if an artist’s situation is real or not, lack of originality, mediocre quality music and video production, limited exposure of people’s art and competition and rivalry between labels or artists.

 Presently there has been a lot of controversy online about how dominant Kenyan music is compared to Nigerian music.

In Nigeria, the netixens play 95% of their own songs and they help thrive and push their talent up there. They have gone further to conquer not only their local charts but also international charts like Billboard Top 100.

On the contrary, Kenyan music rarely does rotation on most local radios and TV stations and if they do, the artist’s have to pay a price for it to be played. It is discouraging at times since most artists struggle to make both ends meet during audio plus video production and now promotion of their songs. Most musicians turn to online streaming app like YouTube, Spotify, Boomplay, Mdundo or Audiomack but they also have a price tag to them.

Eric Omondi is the official Opposition leader of the creative industry. He’s telling them the truth, and the truth is; we are not good enough, we have relegated our standards and worth. We want a single Kenyan artist to perform in TZ, and Diamond to curtain raise for him/her.- NGOche Desmond

Being one of the most celebrated comedians in Africa, he has garnered support and hype for the hashtag play 75% Kenyan Music. His efforts, though crude, have managed to make considerable gains. The internet sensationalist stressed that, the Bill is in parliament and will officially be tabled down. The Kenya music agenda will be discussed by  MP’s in Parliament and later be passed by the President.

“It took over 30 Kenyan Artists and Ksh 500 bob gate charge to fill up a Kenyan gig and you want me to clap. It only takes a single Nigerian to fill up a Concert with gate Charges upto Ksh 15,000 na bado wanajazaa.” He said during an interview by mpasho after the highly attended October Fest event. This has led to a push and pull between most music plus media heads and Eric who strongly oppose his methods.

“We need to normalize giving people their flowers. Eric Omondi should understand that Kenyan artists are on the right trajectory.” – @KameneGoro and @ogaobinna.

Regardless of Eric’s intentions, we shall bear the fruits of his sacrifice and efforts

Kenyans on the receiving end have had mixed feelings about the campaign. Some support the efforts that players in the industry are making and even give their hand by purchasing and streaming Kenyan music. Other help go further to attend Kenyan organized concerts, events and others express their outcry in endless Twitter wars.

Why people are against it:

Many are displeased by the efforts, claiming that Kenyan artists do not match up to other international artists and the content being produced is just not up to per.

Some are also dissatisfied by the lack of unison in the Kenyan sound seing as we have all genres ranging from RnB, hip-hop, gengetone, amapiano to bongo most of which are aped or adapted from other countries.

Being the only radio station in the country playing 100% Kenyan Music with a catalog of over 30,000 Kenyan original songs; radio 254 decided to be about the action, to not only rally on social media but to be an example to the country that it is possible to promote Kenyan Music.

Through it’s efforts, it has provided a platform to many Kenyan artists to not only promote their craft but to also make their craft.

Is it worthwhile, sure, it is and can only survive if the masses come together to support it. Division is our biggest undoing and will see the campaign die before it gunners momentum. We as media have a role to play in promoting our art and propelling it to international audiences . The reason west African music has now taken center stage globally is because west Africans rallied behind their artists and supported them through media playing majorly west African music I’m their airwaves, introducing bills that support the artist, forming music cooperations that champion their needs.

We need to emulate their blueprint.

Written by: 254 Radio

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