254 youths to blame for bad governance

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Increasing youth participation in governance and politics is something that developing countries are on the run for.The UN general launched the World Programme  of Action for youth back in 2000 to help the youth raise their matters concerning Governance. The programme called for full participation of the youths in decision making in their respective areas.

Bad governance in Kenya is something that we are used to perhaps, and We need to blame ourselves for that. We see politics as a game without giving it a thought and  it’s us and our mother nature that will suffer the consequences. We vote following our hearts …because so and looks like this or is my tribe..they already have our votes….as if ,if elected the tribe will solve our problem. Gladly our leaders have mastered that art and they know how to “handle” us, they run for office positions with no knowledge about politics,coz do they even care??aah!!

Anyone can just wake up in the morning and decide to vie for a parliamentary seat as long as they find the suitable party.The old dogs of war have taken every opportunity and only use us youths for their own benefits.Do they listen to our cries!? No and they will never until we get serious and go for it. As the famous quotes Youth are the leaders of tomorrow, when is that tomorrow? Yeah we all know tomorrow is Wednesday until we take that power from the leaders we ” elected ” Tomorrow will continue being the unknown tomorrow.

Imagine the energy we put on twitter if it was on the ground? We could be very far and make our motherland proud and when the mother is proud the children benefit from her happiness. As we watch the people in power make decisions, we suffer the consequences.

Myths and misconceptions of youths being hired to flood crowds for politicians could be true because we love instant benefits,they use us when we raise a point it’s pointless to them.Election month is round the corner,before voting think rethink and let’s make the right decision.

Let’s jam to our own before making that decision Tujuangalie by Sauti sol ft Nyashinski.

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