Why Elections? By James Mordecai

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Kenya is a country that prides itself in democracy, enjoying stable governments. It has seen four governments since it was declared a republic in 1964, each government having its own qualities, distinct from the previous. The 2007 post-election violence left a long-term scar in the hearts of Kenyans and the history of our country, constantly reminding us of the beauty of peace and stability in government. The election seasons in Kenya command captivation, mixed emotions and reactions, public debates and are a whole package of circus. For some, this is a moment awaited for, some looking forward to receive promises of “heaven”, while some look forward to give the “heavenly” promises. Some speak of politicians being lost in Nairobi or Dubai for the four years of “leadership”, and only show up in their respective electorate regions when the election period comes beckoning

The question that arises is this: Do the General Elections we have in our country in every five years have a positive impact on the present and future lives of Kenyans and the health of Kenya, or do we only go through motions of life with our elections? With the 2022 General Elections now about a month away, the political atmosphere is quickly concentrating and intensifying. Political candidates are wooing the voters, each pulling the tug of war rope towards his/her own camp. For some, this is the time to dig up dirt on, and publicly shame the opponent in expectation of ‘looking good’ in the eyes of voters in comparison. With all the fracas unraveling at the moment, given the history of our country’s elections in the past years, the question arises: Why elections?

The race to State House is rapidly intensifying, the contenders being Azimio-One Kenya Alliance’s Raila Odinga, his running mate, Martha Karua, Kenya Kwanza’s William Ruto, his running mate, Rigathi Gachagua, Roots Party’s George Wajackoyah, his running mate, Justina Wamae and Agano Party’s David Mwaure Waihiga, his running mate, Ruth Mutua. There is the popular opinion that the elections for the top seat are usually a decoy, the president already having been chosen by “the deep state”, “the system”, and that the position of the commander-in-chief of the Defense forces “cannot just be left to anyone”. The truth in that is a controversial topic of discussion, there being no concrete evidence to support this claim, yet

Another reason for the Why elections question is the impact our governments have on bettering the lives of Kenyans. There is the opinion that Kenya has the same old caliber of leaders, the only difference among them being the skin complexion and the political party they are under. It has been said that at the end of the day, Mr. Odinga and Mr. Ruto have nothing different to offer Kenyans judged by the fact that they have both been in the previous governments, and Kenya having seen no major change during these times. A number of people crave for a different voice, hence the entry of Mr. Wajackoyah into the scene causing a surge of uproar amongst Kenyans. There is the claim that what is appealing in Wajackoyah is his distinction from the “usual” caliber of politicians we are used to

Wajackoyah is not hesitant to be vocal in a way that is viewed as “radical” by some Kenyans, as he promises things that would make some people cringe at the idea of him clutching the top seat.

Going back to the notion of all our political leaders being “the same”, with none of them having anything new to offer, then are the elections we have after every five years of positive impact on our country, in that if we stop having them, our country is left to the danger of suffering deficiency?

Why elections

by James Mordecai


Written by: 254 Radio

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