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The Green Company

In 2023, a new entrant entered the online radio industry in Kenya. Since 2020, we have not only operated as the leading online radio station in Kenya but conducted extensive research to better understand the online radio landscape in Kenya and who its key players are. We first became aware of the green company's entry in late 2022 from social media posts on Instagram by Dan Aceda. The green company did not open an Instagram profile for its radio station […]

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24 Hour Marathon

Radio 254 was the first radio station to ever play 100% Kenyan music. The station is available via several different options. You can listen to Radio 254 by visiting its website Radio 254 is also available via the Android and IOS stores for those looking to download the Radio 254 mobile application. Outside of the website and mobile application, Radio 254 is also available to over 1000 online radio directories that allow listeners to listen from TuneIn, Radio Garden, […]

todayJanuary 5, 2024 36


The Twitter Saga

One week to the second edition of Open Mic 254, we realized we had to make a very critical decision. We realized we would not be able to recover the money invested into the event and needed to decide whether to have the event or cancel it. For the event to happen 100,000 was needed which meant 1000 ticket sales. So, we took the risk of lowering ticket prices for the event from 500 to 100. Previously tickets had been […]

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The Open Mic 254 Story

In 2023, we began our events calendar with a listening party for AAMANI at our Muthaiga Suites studio before officially launching the new studio location at an event that was attended by supporters of the Keep Radio 254 Alive campaign that helped Radio 254 equip the new radio studio. On April 20th, Radio 254 had a smoke and paint event at Summer House in Karen, Nairobi. It was during this event that Radio 254 was reminded of the huge desire […]

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GEN-Z Alikula Fare

In August 2022, we had the honor and privilege of interviewing content creator Qui Gakuo on Radio 254. You can check out the interview here: Fast forward to February 2023, we reached out to GEN-Z to create content at our studio. We initially reached out to her via Instagram and then email where we agreed on a date to create content. We did not agree on any payment for the content creation but agreed to discuss this once we […]

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What Brand Kept Radio 254 Alive

In December 2021, several months after opening its first studio space in April 2021. Radio 254 received a message via Instagram from a lady named Hebron about advertising on the radio station. It was during the December holidays that the message was sent so it was not until January of 2021 that we began conversations with Hebron about having a brand partnership and advertising on Radio 254. After negotiations. The deal was finally finalized and Radio 254 got the chance […]

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Radio 254 2023 Wrapped by Sonia Kiuri

Check out RADIO 254's 2023 Wrapped produced by the organizations Creative Director & Head of Digital & Content Creation, Sonia Kiuri. Expect more content across all digital platforms in 2024 as we continue with our mission of promoting and showcasing Kenyan music to the world. Radio 254 2023 Wrapped

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Top 100 Kenyan Songs in 2023 by Radio 254™

Every year millions of Kenyan songs are released. This year, together with our audience we have prepared a Top 100 Kenyan Songs in 2023 similar to the US & UK Billboard Top 100 weekly charts. This list of 100 songs consists of 100 of the Top Kenyan songs either released or became popular in 2023. The list is not only a list but also serves as a five-and-a-half-hour playlist of the Top 100 Kenyan Songs in 2023 that is available […]

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The Evolution of Radio : A Look at Radio in 2023

Radio is constantly evolving and finding ways to remain relevant over the many decades that it has existed in our society. It is, in fact, still one of the relevant form of media compared to newspapers or television. We are far from days when ten or more relatives and neighbors would gather around one radio to garner information from news and listen to the latest hits. The Kenyan radio sector is thriving with over 100 radio stations, many broadcasting in […]

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